Glamping: The new Trend
Glamping is just one of the newest and fast-growing ways in which you can be able to enjoy your camping. In the modern days, people want to experience the best camping experience by having their best gear and gadgets in caravans, under canvas and camper vans.Read more about Camping at Under Canvas  . Glamping involves camping in the most luxurious ways not just the traditional camping with a gas cooker, some canned food, and a sleeping bag.

Glamping will involve staying in glamorous bell tents, tipi or yurt which will be fitted with state of the art beds, linen, accessories and carpets plus gadgets. Wooden camping huts are very popular in glamping. These shepherd hut as small and are fitted with wheels. They are therefore able to move around, and they will be fitted with a power source making the adequate for all kinds of weather.

Secondly, you can choose a bell and Sibley tent for glamping.This kind of tents was commonly used by the military in the past. They have a pole in the middle and then are fitted with a wood burning stove. You can further have the once that are designed to a tipi.

Canvas lodges and safari tents are also popular in glamping.These safari tents originated from Africa aimed at giving the tourist a way of a luxurious stay in nature. They are a good fit for you to enjoy hat and humid conditions.Some of these companies that offer glamping services will also have tipis and tepees which has a chimney that is included in the design to allow for a ventilated central are, and an open fireplace.

So why should you choose glamping? Glamping offer you comfort that is related to just like staying at home. You can be able to charge your handheld devices ore your children playing devices and play with them. You get to spend the night in a cozy bed as compared to a sleeping bag.
Glamping is fun for you and your loved one. Read more about Camping at .You will be able to enjoy romantic, breathtaking sights and the view of the sunrise and sunset from your camp. You can also do fun games together such as cycling.

In glamping as compared to traditional camping you have more choices t choose from. You can combine a variety of locations that are coming up with different styles of safari tents and camping tents. Further, the activities that you can be able to do with your family and loved ones are increasing more and more.Learn more from

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